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Progalvano develops, produces and sells on the Global Market plating barrels and accessories for plating plants. Thanks to a unique experience achieved across a 5-decades activity and thanks to the constant improvement of our industrial processes, our company focuses on its tradition, innovation, devotion and commitment, with the aim of offering concrete quality to customers and partners.



Progalvano traces its beginning back to 1967, when its production was based on chemical processes and electroplating products. After the development of a proper know-how and technology, Progalvano proceeded to specialize in the manufacture of plating barrels and electroplating equipment. Today after having achieve a global expansion in more than 50 countries, Progalvano can offer a vast experience in all aspects of plating barrels manufacture, becoming an international leading producer of plating machines.



The capability of Progalvano to anticipate and satisfy the plating supply market's needs becomes reality with the production of state-of-the-art plating barrels and the development of custom-made barrels. Progalvano is totally oriented to innovation and to its constant effort of reaching efficient process systems. All this allows us to offer high quality solutions and materials.



As for the raw materials used to manufacture our plating barrels and electroplating equipment, Progalvano choses plastics and metals of superior quality, such as: PVDF, Polypropylene (PP), Polyethylene (PE), Teflon, Polymers-compounds of Teflon and carbon fibers. Electrolytic Copper (99,9% Cu Etp), stainless Steel AISI 316 and 304. Among various industrial processes, the creation of barrels and plating supply needs:

  • Injection moulding by compression
  • Polyfusion