Progalvano appears on Galvanotechnik

Our new Headquarter, our efforts in technology and materials: the last achievements of Progalvano

Recently, the well-known magazine Galvanotechnik, a reference point in galvanic field, dedicated us an article, talking about the latest achievements and investments of Progalvano, for the future. in details, the article talks about:

  • our new headquarter in San Giuliano Milanese
  • our investments in industrial technology
  • our investments in materials in order to improve the quality of barrels

The new headquarter of Progalvano in San Giuliano Milanese

Galvanotechnik underlined the high turnover, the dimensional growth of Progalvano and the rising demand on the Global market.

This led us to the search for a suitable place of working, studying and improving.

Thanks to our new headquarter, always in San Giuliano Milanese, we brought all our different sites under a unique bigger building.
Moreover, we had the chance to re-design our industrial processes and operations in a more efficient and scientific way.

All this is leading us with strength and enthusiasm in our daily work.

Our investments in industrial technology

Galvanotechnik goes on talking about the investments that Progalvano made in R&D.

In 2018 our company started a process of digital transformation of all its departments.
This has facilitated the communications between offices and speeded up all the operations. Moreover, the purchase and use of new CNC machines and new custom made machines for treating plastic brought Progalvano to maximize the manufacture of its plating barrels.

Today, we can produce more than 300 plating barrels per month. However, it’s not enough for us, our target is to improve this number thanks to the arrival of another machine within the end of 2022.

Our investments in materials and components for the improvement of our barrels

The last issue treated by the Magazine is linked to the investments in materials and components in order to give the plating barrels a higher quality.

Thanks to the feedbacks received from our customers, our R&D Manager developed some useful technical solutions.

More in specific, after some key tests at University of Milan (Politecnico di Milano), Progalvano introduced:

  • a new range of closing clips
  • new polymers for some small components
  • better cathodic contacts

All these efforts brought achievements in terms of product offer.

For the next future, Progalvano will keep on working in order to confirm the good results achieved up to now.

If you need more information, please contact us!


Progalvano appears on Galvanotechnik

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