Plating shops sustainability and innovation

Sustainability and innovation in the electroplating industry: new machines and plating shops 4.0

Let’s have a chat with Matteo Cuzzolin, Technical Manager of Progalvano

In the electroplating industry, the importance of sustainable and responsible practices is gaining increasing attention. In this context, solutions are emerging that align technological progress and environmental responsibility. Such as those of Progalvano, a leading manufacturer of electroplating rotobars, which has introduced new machines and innovative processes that are the result of a careful commitment to the environment and production efficiency.

Galvanic barrels increasingly sustainable and efficient

Progalvano has been on a journey of renewing its processes and machinery for years to achieve galvanic barrel production that can be increasingly sustainable and waste-conscious.
By 2018, it has implemented a total renovation of its production machinery fleet, with the aim of making high-performances, efficient, and less polluting rotorbarrels that also save on active galvanic costs.

Sustainability in metal recovery processes

Among the emerging market trends is the willingness to recover metal from scrap or already coated parts. This is for both economic and environmental reasons, living in an age where we cannot afford to waste resources, especially metals, which have reached very high costs in recent years.

For these reasons, Progalvano has committed itself to developing machines of considerable sizes and charge capacities that can recover metals post-processing or from scrap. With these machines it is now possible to recover metals that were previously disposed of by reverse process.

The company is a pioneer in this field and this translates into an important advantage: an already acquired know-how, useful for eventual developments in the sector.

By accepting this challenge, Progalvano has opened up to a new niche of application, enriched its expertise and strengthened its leadership.

Electroplating 4.0: electronic control on plating barrels

Finally, Progalvano has also embraced “Galvanics 4.0,” implementing an electronic control system mounted on board its plating barrels. This technology allows real-time monitoring of the galvanization process on various levels.

The system, called “PM,” increases efficiency, but also serves as a certification that the treatment has occurred correctly, ensuring quality and reducing waste.

To date, this system is still an optional choice but is applicable to all machines manufactured by Progalvano and also on older supplies.

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Rotor cassette progalvano

Customizing plating barrels: Progalvano’s philosophy

Let’s have a chat with Matteo Cuzzolin, Technical Manager of Progalvano

Within the plating industry field, the ability to adapt to customers’ specific needs is a key factor. Progalvano, a well-known leader in the galvanic industry, stands out for its philosophy of customization, an approach that allows it to respond with precision and innovation to the increasingly sophisticated demands of the market.

Customization is a pillar of Progalvano’s strategy

Matteo Cuzzolin, COO of Progalvano, stresses the importance of customization in the company’s journey. Innovation, for Progalvano, is not just a technological process but an attitude, a matter of spirit.

Progalvano accepts daily challenges that require the design of new machines or the adaptation of existing ones, opening up new branches and unexplored applications in the field of electroplating.

Tailor-made solutions for plating barrels

Progalvano has developed a number of new electroplating machines in response to the special needs of its customers. This effort in offering tailor-made solutions has become a hallmark of the company.

For example, Progalvano has been developing barrels for anodizing, a process not traditionally associated with rotating barrels. Progalvano has been able also to produce rotating structures for galvanizing heavy parts up to 1.5 tons.

Customization as a competitive advantage

This commitment to customization has enabled Progalvano to move from producing standard machines to creating special rotating fixtures and prototypes.

About 50% of our annual production is customized, thus highlighting its role as a pioneer in the industry. In-depth knowledge of mechanical, chemical and electrochemical processes has enabled the company to further distinguish itself from competitors.


The Customization of Electroplating Barrels Prototype developed by Progalvano

Rapid growth through customization

The philosophy of customization for Progalvano is more than a production strategy: it is a cultural imprint that permeates every aspect of its operations.

It is an approach that has enabled a positive and rapid growth, strengthened leadership, and solidified the company’s commitment to innovation and quality while keeping the precise needs of customers at the center.

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Materiali di produzione dei Rotoburatti e Minirotor

Production materials for Plating Barrels: the strategic choices of Progalvano

Let’s have a chat with Matteo Cuzzolin, Technical Manager of Progalvano

In the world of industrial production, material selection is a crucial factor that determines the quality, efficiency and sustainability of the final products. Progalvano, a leader in the field of plating barrels and other galvanic components, stands out for its innovative and strategic selection of production materia.

Polypropylene: strength and efficiency

Most of Progalvano’s competitors make plating barrels in Polyethylene as basic material, because it is very resistant to abrasion. However, this cannot be the only criterion for choosing a material for an application. On the contrary, Progalvano’s barrels are made of Polypropylene, which, beside offering excellent resistance against abrasion, ensures superior mechanical, thermal and chemical resistance properties.

This choice allows Progalvano to grant a higher efficiency on its products, reducing consumption and, most of all, the great advantage of being able to make welds. In fact, through the polyfusion process, we can manufacture the cylinder body a single piece, that will be mechanically stronger than a Polyethylene cylinder, which is only screwed instead. All this manages to offer significant advantages with respect to traditional PE cylinders.

A second key aspect: in Progalvano, the sheets in Polypropylene are made by injection molded by compression directly on our own molds that we developed for over 40 years now. The result is that our PP barrels, coupled with the right panel perforation, manage to have the same durability as PE barrels, but with the added advanted of a greater efficiency and sustainability.

Materiali rotoburatti in polipropilene     Produzione rotoburatti con materiali di qualità

High-quality materials for the production of plating barrels

The choice of production materials is not limited to polypropylene. Progalvano carefully selects premium plastic materials and metals, including PVDF, Polyethylene (PE), PPS, polymeric compounds of PEEK and PVDF, carbon fibers, electrolytic copper, copper and brass alloys for die casting, and AISI 316 and 304 Stainless Steel.
This large choice of premium materials enables the company to offer high-performance products suitable for a wide range of applications.

Produzione Progalvano

Top quality products throughout an accurate selection

Progalvano’s material choices reflect their mission to offer high-quality machines, combining innovation, quality, sustainability, and local commitment. These principles are key to their success in the competitive electroplating barrel industry and symbolize their commitment to excellence.


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Produzione Rotoburatti Progalvano

Means and strategies for the production of plating barrels: the secret of Progalvano’s success

Let’s have a chat with Matteo Cuzzolin, Technical Manager of Progalvano

The choice of means and production strategies is crucial for any company that aims for reaching success in its field. In the specific field of the electroplating industry, Progalvano has distinguished itself through a two-fold focus:

  • a glance on its valuable and extensive experience in galvanic technologies, gained after more than 5 decades of activity
  • a glance on an innovative approach in the production of its plating barrels.

Innovation and specialization in the plating barrels production process

Progalvano’s success lays on its ability of specializing in the design and constant innovation of both its commercial products and the industrial processes and machineries adopted to produce them.

Throughout a unique method, the company has implemented a production system that involves different and specific machineries for almost all of the 33 steps required to produce a standard barrel. This way, Progalvano distinguished itself from its competitors, who rely instead on a few machines that often operate multiple steps.
This methodology has enabled Progalvano to greatly increase production, decreasing time, achieving attractive economies of scale, and ultimately achieving a competitive pricing.

The most obvious distinguishing feature from the competition lies in this approach: Progalvano is characterized by an industrial production way of working, with measured and certain times and methods. Whereas the competition uses a more manufacturing, artisanal production methodology.

Matteo Cuzzolin, Responsabile Tecnico di Progalvano     Innovazione nel Processo Produttivo dei Rotoburatti

Continuous investment in technology and product innovation

By 2018, Progalvano began defining a path of renewal of its production facility’s machines park, its integrated management system, and its internal operational processes in general.

After few years, almost all the production machines and CNC have been modernized, and at present the oldest machine dates back to 2016.
Being able to take advantage of so much new technology inevitably leads to improve and redesign one’s production processes as well, and by extension the plating barrels we offer.

Today we design machines that are more robust and that lasts in special environmental conditions. Not only that: we develop machines that make customers saving on the active costs of galvanic processes, which are, among other things, much less polluting.

Progalvano Open House 2023


An European Hidden Champion

On May 5th, 2023, Progalvano invited customers and partners to its Open House on the occasion of the opening of the new main headquarter with connected production in an industrial park on the outskirts of Milan. Festivities and a tour of the production facility were on the agenda.

The visit of the new Progalvano production plant at Open House 2023

The brand-new, elongated business building of Progalvano presents itself in a flawless brick red. Freshly laid tables and chairs stand under numerous pavilions, and in the background caterers prepare a buffet with regional specialties: In front of the entrance door, the European, Italian and Korean flags flutter on flagpoles. The guests list includes many Italian and foreign suppliers and customers.

Before the rush for the delicacies, the program first includes a tour of the production facilities. 5.100 square meters covers the new company headquarters with production. Francesca Cuzzolin, Sales & Marketing Manager, is in her element here. In the sales office, she stops in front of a large world map showing the markets in which the company operates. She explains the commitment to locally rooted production with global aspirations with the well-known slogan “Think locally, act globally“.

In addition, Francesca announces and praises the work of the sales department with Alessandra Pieragostini for the DACH region and Chiara Brambilla, who speaks Chinese, for China and the Far East. After all, the small sales team, which also includes export manager Luka Premru, speaks seven languages.

The new Progalvano plant has highly automated production

A global player with 35 employees, is that even possible? Part of the answer becomes apparent when looking over the shoulders of the two product designers, who simulate barrels and write CNC production programs on double screens. Customizing is what Matteo Cuzzolin calls this important production step, in which the barrels are virtually adapted, for example, for the production of screws for eyeglass frames or special applications in the aerospace sector.


Automated Production Progalvano


The second part of the answer is found when walking along the production line, which leads from the warehouse in several production steps to assembly and is lined with racks of building materials. CNC programming is automatically put into practice at the numerous CNC milling machines in the hall. They bring plastic discs made of polypropylene into shape. Elsewhere, automated equipment is used for welding, laser cutting or plastic injection molding to cast plastic granules into plastic components. A total of 33 steps are required to produce the finished product, including product markings on the barrels for tracking purposes. It is a highly automated networked production process that is hidden behind the walls of the plant on Viale Lombardia


Plastic Gear for a Plating Barrel


Real-time control possible: PM System

In front of a row of barrels almost as high as a man, Matteo begins his speech.

3.000 barrels were produced last year. He emphasizes the quality management and the precision of the barrels, then it goes on to the assembly, where the individual parts are still largely assembled by hand at workbenches to form the finished product. In the individual segments of the barrels, the contacts for the power supply can be seen while workers tighten screws.

The experts at Progalvano have also thought about the data requirements for the digitization of electroplating plants. At the center of the assembly area is a special barrel line. It is equipped with automation that allows “real-time control” of the plating process. “You know every moment what is happening in the barrel”, explains Matteo. The power input is always in view: Indicated are, for example, how many amps are used for plating or even heating.

The final speech at Open House 2023: looking to the future

We want to celebrate the efforts of the company and the work in the new headquarter with expanded production, realized with smart investments” and despite mixed economic-political omens in the face of crises and wars, Progalvano will be putting positive thinking in the foreground.

Progalvano is looking ahead to the future – and with its high degree of automation, networking and production flexibility, and not least its regional ties, it is obviously well positioned to do so.


Cuzzolin Family, Progalvano

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Progalvano appears on Galvanotechnik

Our new Headquarter, our efforts in technology and materials: the last achievements of Progalvano

Recently, the well-known magazine Galvanotechnik, a reference point in galvanic field, dedicated us an article, talking about the latest achievements and investments of Progalvano, for the future. in details, the article talks about:

  • our new headquarter in San Giuliano Milanese
  • our investments in industrial technology
  • our investments in materials in order to improve the quality of barrels

The new headquarter of Progalvano in San Giuliano Milanese

Galvanotechnik underlined the high turnover, the dimensional growth of Progalvano and the rising demand on the Global market.

This led us to the search for a suitable place of working, studying and improving.

Thanks to our new headquarter, always in San Giuliano Milanese, we brought all our different sites under a unique bigger building.
Moreover, we had the chance to re-design our industrial processes and operations in a more efficient and scientific way.

All this is leading us with strength and enthusiasm in our daily work.

Our investments in industrial technology

Galvanotechnik goes on talking about the investments that Progalvano made in R&D.

In 2018 our company started a process of digital transformation of all its departments.
This has facilitated the communications between offices and speeded up all the operations. Moreover, the purchase and use of new CNC machines and new custom made machines for treating plastic brought Progalvano to maximize the manufacture of its plating barrels.

Today, we can produce more than 300 plating barrels per month. However, it’s not enough for us, our target is to improve this number thanks to the arrival of another machine within the end of 2022.

Our investments in materials and components for the improvement of our barrels

The last issue treated by the Magazine is linked to the investments in materials and components in order to give the plating barrels a higher quality.

Thanks to the feedbacks received from our customers, our R&D Manager developed some useful technical solutions.

More in specific, after some key tests at University of Milan (Politecnico di Milano), Progalvano introduced:

  • a new range of closing clips
  • new polymers for some small components
  • better cathodic contacts

All these efforts brought achievements in terms of product offer.

For the next future, Progalvano will keep on working in order to confirm the good results achieved up to now.

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Progalvano appears on Galvanotechnik

Progalvano is part of Industrial Innovation Lab

Progalvano is part of the Industrial Innovation Lab of the LIUC Carlo Cattaneo University

Since last April 2021 Progalvano has become an active part of the Industrial Innovation Lab. This laboratory is promoted by the Center for Change, Leadership and People Management of the LIUC Carlo Cattaneo University and by SEW EURODRIVE.


Let’s see now:

  • what is Industrial Innovation Lab
  • why Progalvano is part of it


What is Industrial Innovation Lab

Industrial Innovation Lab is an entrepreneurial laboratory that includes online courses and face-to-face workshops focused on issues like innovation technology and sustainability. In details, the experimental projects carried out within the cultural laboratory aim to promote innovation and sustainable business models within the Italian small and medium-sized enterprises.

At the moment, in addition to the founders, 11 companies are members of the project. Moreover, they are nationally and globally active in the industrial sector.


Why Progalvano is part of Industrial Innovation Lab

Thanks to the precious collaboration with SEW EURODRIVE, Progalvano became an active member of the laboratory, with the aim of enlarging its vision, building up synergies and getting innovative ideas for the future.

In fact, Progalvano is totally oriented towards innovation and its positive approach on the development of new technologies has always allowed the company to expand in foreign markets.
Furthermore, it has allowed us to become a reference point for the design and production of plating barrels and accessories for galvanic plants all over the world.

We are very proud to be an active part of an interesting laboratory like the Industrial Innovation Lab and to be able to open up to discussions with companies in different fields from ours.

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Special rotor: barrels in stainless steel, pvdf or polypropylene with ss inside

Progalvano, a leading company in the field of Galvanic Industry, develops, produces and sells plating barrels and accessories for the plating shops of the whole world. We have been operating in this market for over 50 years, using plastics and metals of high quality in order to satisfy a variety of customers’ needs.

Some galvanic treatments (a clear example could be Phospating process) require the construction of plating barrels produced with specific materials. Many barrels builders can offer solutions based only on two kinds of materials: plastic or Stainless Steel. On the contrary, Progalvano is able to offer other intermediate technical options, giving the chance to get the most suitable solution.

Our customers are guided by us in the choice of the perfect barrel according to the materials for production, the available budget, the customers’ needs in terms of output and other parameters such as:

The maximum process temperature

  • The chemicals adopted
  • The loading kilograms
  • The drying typology


With the aim of facing the variety of customers’ needs described above, beside the overall standard range of Polypropylene cylinders, Progalvano offers the following special executions:

  1. Cylinders in Polypropylene with thicker panels (15-20mm), intermediate gears in PVDF and hubs in PVDF; designed for working at medium-high temperatures and heavy loads.
  2. Cylinders in Polypropylene having flat bars in Stainless Steel AISI 316 inside the lids and inside the PP rods. This specific device prevents the barrels from deformation due to the quite high temperatures of operation (95-100°C); moreover it confers a solid and robust frame to the barrels and it allows the cylinders to load heavier lots of matrial.

  1. Barrels in PVDF; for chemical processes particularly corrosive, where the usual Polypropylene is necessarily replaced by a very resistent material, that is the well known PVDF.
  2. Barrels in Stainless Steel AISI 316 with closing clips in Titanium; they are specific for treatments having extremely high temperatures, such as Black-Oxide (140°C).

Thanks to these 4 proposals, Progalvano can find the most suitable plating solution for its customers. Moreover, in order to get an even higher level of efficiency and top levels of productivity, for everyone of these solutions it’s possible to match the optional of the automatic opening/closing lid throughout our ROBOT 3000.

The 4 solutions described above are appreciated by a number of customers worldwide and can be considered today as part of our product range. Progalvano is always interested in searching for innovative devices and technical solutions, in order to provide all plating shops with specific and custom-made products.


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Progalvano, a wide range of plating barrels and accessories for plating plants

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Progalvano and sew-eurodrive: a tight collaboration

During last 10 years, galvanic industry has been showing its need for customization of plating barrels and plating processes. Hence, Progalvano took the opportunity of studying new technical solutions for improving the performances of their barrels and for engineering new plating machines, as unused prototypes for the plating market.

Probably, the future trend will be more and more special from the technical point of view, and the challenge will be following the market’s variable demand while keeping at the same time, when possible, our range as standard as possible, in order to guarantee fast spare parts. As a natural consequence, the selection of good suppliers became a crucial step, and some of them are today real partners, fully involved in our success.

A clear example of our key suppliers is represented by SEW-EURODRIVE, the well-known worlwide firm of gearmotors.

Progalvano includes Sew-Eurodrive gear motors in several special projects

SEW-EURODRIVE is so appreciated in galvanic field and it’s easy to find this brand in many plating shops around the world. A lot of plating plant constructors, our customers, choses SEW as usual component of their best projects and supplies.

We started a collaboration with SEW-EURODRIVE over 50 years ago and we recently strengthen our relationship, by relying on this company for all our future projects. For our plating barrels we need a good flexibility of customization, reliability, high quality and, most of all, a wide range of configurations. All these features can be find in SEW-EURODRIVE products, and allowed us to offer machines for a variety of chemical processes and temperatures.

Progalvano designes and manufactures plating machine that can load up to 700-800kg of material, and we found in SEW-EURODRIVE the best and specific ranges of low voltage gearmotors that can operate at best even with heavy loads.

Progalvano Minirotors

At the same time, we started equipping our range of small machines, called MINIROTORS, with the most suitable SEW-EURODRIVE gear motors for small lots of material. The result is adding high value to our machines, from the smallest to the biggest.

Beside our plating barrels, we took advantage of SEW-EURODRIVE products for a variety of different projects.

Progalvano Robot 3000

Our ROBOT 3000, for the automatic opening/closing of the lids of our barrels, includes a SEW gearmotor since many years, and that embraces perfectly the whole handling operations of our automation systems.

Progalvano PM System

Another interesting application in which SEW products are involved is our PM System. Thanks to this device our plating barrels can be equipped with a programmable drive for 24/42V AC motors. PM system is an automation box engineered, created and developed by Progalvano in association with an Italian company, leader in electronic and automation. For the first time, a plating barrel is equipped with a programmable drive having compact dimension, in order to have an intelligent machine controllable and programmable also in real time from the PLC of the line.

As mentioned before, Progalvano has dealt with a number of special projects in the last years: unique prototypes to be used in galvanic fields but also in different industrial applications. We found in SEW-EURODRIVE a good supplier in these devices as well.

Many exciting, challenging, plating projects are on our way, and we find all this so instructive. About 50% of our annual production is non-standard, this is becoming pretty normal for us and it is source of pride, even in tough times like the one we live in.


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Progalvano: facing covid-19…without giving up working!

During this difficult moment of isolation, Progalvano is trying to facing COVID-19 emergency keeping its operation as constant as possible. Indeed we are keeping on offering our experience for the Plating Shops all over the world.

Unfortunately, the present situation has temporarily slowed down our production of plating barrels for 3 weeks of stops, however our corporate organization has been able to adapt with flexibility to the new needs of work. In particular, the whole team is working with a higher level of autonomy, trying to perceive the situation as a good opportunity of professional growth.

Our office employees working from home!

Our office team is working from home as many other people in the world, and they operate in good bond and connection. We could say that, in the last months, our Sales Department has never stopped offering Progalvano plating barrels, for a variety of plating treatments. With any doubt, our Sales Team kept on elaborating purchase orders as well, since we have never stopped receiving orders for supplies, machines, spare parts from Asia to America, from Africa to Europe and of course also Italy.

Progalvano is able to keep on operating thanks to the supports of its distributors, agents, and official representatives. For instance, our agent from one side and our Sales Representative for North America on the other, (Mr. Fabrizio Schira )are continuing to promote Progalvano products to old and new potential customers offering plating solutions.

Our Technical department

Progalvano technical department has been a precious resource for supporting both sales and production. They have been able to go on projecting by home our cylinders, plating barrels, special accessories. Their activity has been crucial for carrying on the projects of the orders received during these difficult months, even when the company have been closed. All this allowed us to prepare the manufacturing steps, to schedule production, and to avoid losing time.

Purchase Department, Marketing activity, Administration

Just like the other roles, Progalvano purchase department is working for supporting the provision of materials, semi-finished products and others parts that are necessary for the manufacture of our plating barrels.

For sure, our financial department, the whole Management and our Marketing office have worked continuously and in a proactive manner. They have been following the markets’ trends, the legal news coming from the Government, the Worldwide health situation, and the new opportunities and paths for the future. All this will result strategic for going on working properly in the next months, just like we did so far.

How will be the near future?

Progalvano will keep on producing the orders received and promoting its barrels and brand, participating as exhibitors to some important international events. In particular, in Autumn we will take part in 3 exhibitions in Stuttgart, Moscow and Barcelona.


After having reopened our production department some days ago, we now can’t wait to see our colleagues again and the first challenge will be to make up for the lost time and speed up production for deliverying soon our products to our customers.

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