Materiali di produzione dei Rotoburatti e Minirotor

Production materials for Plating Barrels: the strategic choices of Progalvano

Let’s have a chat with Matteo Cuzzolin, Technical Manager of Progalvano

In the world of industrial production, material selection is a crucial factor that determines the quality, efficiency and sustainability of the final products. Progalvano, a leader in the field of plating barrels and other galvanic components, stands out for its innovative and strategic selection of production materia.

Polypropylene: strength and efficiency

Most of Progalvano’s competitors make plating barrels in Polyethylene as basic material, because it is very resistant to abrasion. However, this cannot be the only criterion for choosing a material for an application. On the contrary, Progalvano’s barrels are made of Polypropylene, which, beside offering excellent resistance against abrasion, ensures superior mechanical, thermal and chemical resistance properties.

This choice allows Progalvano to grant a higher efficiency on its products, reducing consumption and, most of all, the great advantage of being able to make welds. In fact, through the polyfusion process, we can manufacture the cylinder body a single piece, that will be mechanically stronger than a Polyethylene cylinder, which is only screwed instead. All this manages to offer significant advantages with respect to traditional PE cylinders.

A second key aspect: in Progalvano, the sheets in Polypropylene are made by injection molded by compression directly on our own molds that we developed for over 40 years now. The result is that our PP barrels, coupled with the right panel perforation, manage to have the same durability as PE barrels, but with the added advanted of a greater efficiency and sustainability.

Materiali rotoburatti in polipropilene     Produzione rotoburatti con materiali di qualità

High-quality materials for the production of plating barrels

The choice of production materials is not limited to polypropylene. Progalvano carefully selects premium plastic materials and metals, including PVDF, Polyethylene (PE), PPS, polymeric compounds of PEEK and PVDF, carbon fibers, electrolytic copper, copper and brass alloys for die casting, and AISI 316 and 304 Stainless Steel.
This large choice of premium materials enables the company to offer high-performance products suitable for a wide range of applications.

Produzione Progalvano

Top quality products throughout an accurate selection

Progalvano’s material choices reflect their mission to offer high-quality machines, combining innovation, quality, sustainability, and local commitment. These principles are key to their success in the competitive electroplating barrel industry and symbolize their commitment to excellence.


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