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Customizing plating barrels: Progalvano’s philosophy

Let’s have a chat with Matteo Cuzzolin, Technical Manager of Progalvano

Within the plating industry field, the ability to adapt to customers’ specific needs is a key factor. Progalvano, a well-known leader in the galvanic industry, stands out for its philosophy of customization, an approach that allows it to respond with precision and innovation to the increasingly sophisticated demands of the market.

Customization is a pillar of Progalvano’s strategy

Matteo Cuzzolin, COO of Progalvano, stresses the importance of customization in the company’s journey. Innovation, for Progalvano, is not just a technological process but an attitude, a matter of spirit.

Progalvano accepts daily challenges that require the design of new machines or the adaptation of existing ones, opening up new branches and unexplored applications in the field of electroplating.

Tailor-made solutions for plating barrels

Progalvano has developed a number of new electroplating machines in response to the special needs of its customers. This effort in offering tailor-made solutions has become a hallmark of the company.

For example, Progalvano has been developing barrels for anodizing, a process not traditionally associated with rotating barrels. Progalvano has been able also to produce rotating structures for galvanizing heavy parts up to 1.5 tons.

Customization as a competitive advantage

This commitment to customization has enabled Progalvano to move from producing standard machines to creating special rotating fixtures and prototypes.

About 50% of our annual production is customized, thus highlighting its role as a pioneer in the industry. In-depth knowledge of mechanical, chemical and electrochemical processes has enabled the company to further distinguish itself from competitors.


The Customization of Electroplating Barrels Prototype developed by Progalvano

Rapid growth through customization

The philosophy of customization for Progalvano is more than a production strategy: it is a cultural imprint that permeates every aspect of its operations.

It is an approach that has enabled a positive and rapid growth, strengthened leadership, and solidified the company’s commitment to innovation and quality while keeping the precise needs of customers at the center.

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