Plating shops sustainability and innovation

Sustainability and innovation in the electroplating industry: new machines and plating shops 4.0

Let’s have a chat with Matteo Cuzzolin, Technical Manager of Progalvano

In the electroplating industry, the importance of sustainable and responsible practices is gaining increasing attention. In this context, solutions are emerging that align technological progress and environmental responsibility. Such as those of Progalvano, a leading manufacturer of electroplating rotobars, which has introduced new machines and innovative processes that are the result of a careful commitment to the environment and production efficiency.

Galvanic barrels increasingly sustainable and efficient

Progalvano has been on a journey of renewing its processes and machinery for years to achieve galvanic barrel production that can be increasingly sustainable and waste-conscious.
By 2018, it has implemented a total renovation of its production machinery fleet, with the aim of making high-performances, efficient, and less polluting rotorbarrels that also save on active galvanic costs.

Sustainability in metal recovery processes

Among the emerging market trends is the willingness to recover metal from scrap or already coated parts. This is for both economic and environmental reasons, living in an age where we cannot afford to waste resources, especially metals, which have reached very high costs in recent years.

For these reasons, Progalvano has committed itself to developing machines of considerable sizes and charge capacities that can recover metals post-processing or from scrap. With these machines it is now possible to recover metals that were previously disposed of by reverse process.

The company is a pioneer in this field and this translates into an important advantage: an already acquired know-how, useful for eventual developments in the sector.

By accepting this challenge, Progalvano has opened up to a new niche of application, enriched its expertise and strengthened its leadership.

Electroplating 4.0: electronic control on plating barrels

Finally, Progalvano has also embraced “Galvanics 4.0,” implementing an electronic control system mounted on board its plating barrels. This technology allows real-time monitoring of the galvanization process on various levels.

The system, called “PM,” increases efficiency, but also serves as a certification that the treatment has occurred correctly, ensuring quality and reducing waste.

To date, this system is still an optional choice but is applicable to all machines manufactured by Progalvano and also on older supplies.

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