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Means and strategies for the production of plating barrels: the secret of Progalvano’s success

Let’s have a chat with Matteo Cuzzolin, Technical Manager of Progalvano

The choice of means and production strategies is crucial for any company that aims for reaching success in its field. In the specific field of the electroplating industry, Progalvano has distinguished itself through a two-fold focus:

  • a glance on its valuable and extensive experience in galvanic technologies, gained after more than 5 decades of activity
  • a glance on an innovative approach in the production of its plating barrels.

Innovation and specialization in the plating barrels production process

Progalvano’s success lays on its ability of specializing in the design and constant innovation of both its commercial products and the industrial processes and machineries adopted to produce them.

Throughout a unique method, the company has implemented a production system that involves different and specific machineries for almost all of the 33 steps required to produce a standard barrel. This way, Progalvano distinguished itself from its competitors, who rely instead on a few machines that often operate multiple steps.
This methodology has enabled Progalvano to greatly increase production, decreasing time, achieving attractive economies of scale, and ultimately achieving a competitive pricing.

The most obvious distinguishing feature from the competition lies in this approach: Progalvano is characterized by an industrial production way of working, with measured and certain times and methods. Whereas the competition uses a more manufacturing, artisanal production methodology.

Matteo Cuzzolin, Responsabile Tecnico di Progalvano     Innovazione nel Processo Produttivo dei Rotoburatti

Continuous investment in technology and product innovation

By 2018, Progalvano began defining a path of renewal of its production facility’s machines park, its integrated management system, and its internal operational processes in general.

After few years, almost all the production machines and CNC have been modernized, and at present the oldest machine dates back to 2016.
Being able to take advantage of so much new technology inevitably leads to improve and redesign one’s production processes as well, and by extension the plating barrels we offer.

Today we design machines that are more robust and that lasts in special environmental conditions. Not only that: we develop machines that make customers saving on the active costs of galvanic processes, which are, among other things, much less polluting.

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