Progalvano is part of Industrial Innovation Lab

Progalvano is part of the Industrial Innovation Lab of the LIUC Carlo Cattaneo University

Since last April 2021 Progalvano has become an active part of the Industrial Innovation Lab. This laboratory is promoted by the Center for Change, Leadership and People Management of the LIUC Carlo Cattaneo University and by SEW EURODRIVE.


Let’s see now:

  • what is Industrial Innovation Lab
  • why Progalvano is part of it


What is Industrial Innovation Lab

Industrial Innovation Lab is an entrepreneurial laboratory that includes online courses and face-to-face workshops focused on issues like innovation technology and sustainability. In details, the experimental projects carried out within the cultural laboratory aim to promote innovation and sustainable business models within the Italian small and medium-sized enterprises.

At the moment, in addition to the founders, 11 companies are members of the project. Moreover, they are nationally and globally active in the industrial sector.


Why Progalvano is part of Industrial Innovation Lab

Thanks to the precious collaboration with SEW EURODRIVE, Progalvano became an active member of the laboratory, with the aim of enlarging its vision, building up synergies and getting innovative ideas for the future.

In fact, Progalvano is totally oriented towards innovation and its positive approach on the development of new technologies has always allowed the company to expand in foreign markets.
Furthermore, it has allowed us to become a reference point for the design and production of plating barrels and accessories for galvanic plants all over the world.

We are very proud to be an active part of an interesting laboratory like the Industrial Innovation Lab and to be able to open up to discussions with companies in different fields from ours.

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