Special rotor: barrels in stainless steel, pvdf or polypropylene with ss inside

Progalvano, a leading company in the field of Galvanic Industry, develops, produces and sells plating barrels and accessories for the plating shops of the whole world. We have been operating in this market for over 50 years, using plastics and metals of high quality in order to satisfy a variety of customers’ needs.

Some galvanic treatments (a clear example could be Phospating process) require the construction of plating barrels produced with specific materials. Many barrels builders can offer solutions based only on two kinds of materials: plastic or Stainless Steel. On the contrary, Progalvano is able to offer other intermediate technical options, giving the chance to get the most suitable solution.

Our customers are guided by us in the choice of the perfect barrel according to the materials for production, the available budget, the customers’ needs in terms of output and other parameters such as:

The maximum process temperature

  • The chemicals adopted
  • The loading kilograms
  • The drying typology


With the aim of facing the variety of customers’ needs described above, beside the overall standard range of Polypropylene cylinders, Progalvano offers the following special executions:

  1. Cylinders in Polypropylene with thicker panels (15-20mm), intermediate gears in PVDF and hubs in PVDF; designed for working at medium-high temperatures and heavy loads.
  2. Cylinders in Polypropylene having flat bars in Stainless Steel AISI 316 inside the lids and inside the PP rods. This specific device prevents the barrels from deformation due to the quite high temperatures of operation (95-100°C); moreover it confers a solid and robust frame to the barrels and it allows the cylinders to load heavier lots of matrial.

  1. Barrels in PVDF; for chemical processes particularly corrosive, where the usual Polypropylene is necessarily replaced by a very resistent material, that is the well known PVDF.
  2. Barrels in Stainless Steel AISI 316 with closing clips in Titanium; they are specific for treatments having extremely high temperatures, such as Black-Oxide (140°C).

Thanks to these 4 proposals, Progalvano can find the most suitable plating solution for its customers. Moreover, in order to get an even higher level of efficiency and top levels of productivity, for everyone of these solutions it’s possible to match the optional of the automatic opening/closing lid throughout our ROBOT 3000.

The 4 solutions described above are appreciated by a number of customers worldwide and can be considered today as part of our product range. Progalvano is always interested in searching for innovative devices and technical solutions, in order to provide all plating shops with specific and custom-made products.


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