Progalvano and sew-eurodrive: a tight collaboration

During last 10 years, galvanic industry has been showing its need for customization of plating barrels and plating processes. Hence, Progalvano took the opportunity of studying new technical solutions for improving the performances of their barrels and for engineering new plating machines, as unused prototypes for the plating market.

Probably, the future trend will be more and more special from the technical point of view, and the challenge will be following the market’s variable demand while keeping at the same time, when possible, our range as standard as possible, in order to guarantee fast spare parts. As a natural consequence, the selection of good suppliers became a crucial step, and some of them are today real partners, fully involved in our success.

A clear example of our key suppliers is represented by SEW-EURODRIVE, the well-known worlwide firm of gearmotors.

Progalvano includes Sew-Eurodrive gear motors in several special projects

SEW-EURODRIVE is so appreciated in galvanic field and it’s easy to find this brand in many plating shops around the world. A lot of plating plant constructors, our customers, choses SEW as usual component of their best projects and supplies.

We started a collaboration with SEW-EURODRIVE over 50 years ago and we recently strengthen our relationship, by relying on this company for all our future projects. For our plating barrels we need a good flexibility of customization, reliability, high quality and, most of all, a wide range of configurations. All these features can be find in SEW-EURODRIVE products, and allowed us to offer machines for a variety of chemical processes and temperatures.

Progalvano designes and manufactures plating machine that can load up to 700-800kg of material, and we found in SEW-EURODRIVE the best and specific ranges of low voltage gearmotors that can operate at best even with heavy loads.

Progalvano Minirotors

At the same time, we started equipping our range of small machines, called MINIROTORS, with the most suitable SEW-EURODRIVE gear motors for small lots of material. The result is adding high value to our machines, from the smallest to the biggest.

Beside our plating barrels, we took advantage of SEW-EURODRIVE products for a variety of different projects.

Progalvano Robot 3000

Our ROBOT 3000, for the automatic opening/closing of the lids of our barrels, includes a SEW gearmotor since many years, and that embraces perfectly the whole handling operations of our automation systems.

Progalvano PM System

Another interesting application in which SEW products are involved is our PM System. Thanks to this device our plating barrels can be equipped with a programmable drive for 24/42V AC motors. PM system is an automation box engineered, created and developed by Progalvano in association with an Italian company, leader in electronic and automation. For the first time, a plating barrel is equipped with a programmable drive having compact dimension, in order to have an intelligent machine controllable and programmable also in real time from the PLC of the line.

As mentioned before, Progalvano has dealt with a number of special projects in the last years: unique prototypes to be used in galvanic fields but also in different industrial applications. We found in SEW-EURODRIVE a good supplier in these devices as well.

Many exciting, challenging, plating projects are on our way, and we find all this so instructive. About 50% of our annual production is non-standard, this is becoming pretty normal for us and it is source of pride, even in tough times like the one we live in.


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