Progalvano: facing covid-19…without giving up working!

During this difficult moment of isolation, Progalvano is trying to facing COVID-19 emergency keeping its operation as constant as possible. Indeed we are keeping on offering our experience for the Plating Shops all over the world.

Unfortunately, the present situation has temporarily slowed down our production of plating barrels for 3 weeks of stops, however our corporate organization has been able to adapt with flexibility to the new needs of work. In particular, the whole team is working with a higher level of autonomy, trying to perceive the situation as a good opportunity of professional growth.

Our office employees working from home!

Our office team is working from home as many other people in the world, and they operate in good bond and connection. We could say that, in the last months, our Sales Department has never stopped offering Progalvano plating barrels, for a variety of plating treatments. With any doubt, our Sales Team kept on elaborating purchase orders as well, since we have never stopped receiving orders for supplies, machines, spare parts from Asia to America, from Africa to Europe and of course also Italy.

Progalvano is able to keep on operating thanks to the supports of its distributors, agents, and official representatives. For instance, our agent from one side and our Sales Representative for North America on the other, (Mr. Fabrizio Schira )are continuing to promote Progalvano products to old and new potential customers offering plating solutions.

Our Technical department

Progalvano technical department has been a precious resource for supporting both sales and production. They have been able to go on projecting by home our cylinders, plating barrels, special accessories. Their activity has been crucial for carrying on the projects of the orders received during these difficult months, even when the company have been closed. All this allowed us to prepare the manufacturing steps, to schedule production, and to avoid losing time.

Purchase Department, Marketing activity, Administration

Just like the other roles, Progalvano purchase department is working for supporting the provision of materials, semi-finished products and others parts that are necessary for the manufacture of our plating barrels.

For sure, our financial department, the whole Management and our Marketing office have worked continuously and in a proactive manner. They have been following the markets’ trends, the legal news coming from the Government, the Worldwide health situation, and the new opportunities and paths for the future. All this will result strategic for going on working properly in the next months, just like we did so far.

How will be the near future?

Progalvano will keep on producing the orders received and promoting its barrels and brand, participating as exhibitors to some important international events. In particular, in Autumn we will take part in 3 exhibitions in Stuttgart, Moscow and Barcelona.


After having reopened our production department some days ago, we now can’t wait to see our colleagues again and the first challenge will be to make up for the lost time and speed up production for deliverying soon our products to our customers.

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